Unison UK-C1

Acid-stable 3µ C1 column

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Low carbon C1 columns have been used for decades as alternative selectivity columns to the use of traditional C18s or when analyzing highly hydrophobic compounds that have too much retention on a C18 column. The weak attachment of a single carbon to the silica surface, has often been a weak point for these columns, making them vulnerable to degradation especially under acidic conditions, such as the use of TFA-containing mobile phases. Our Unison UK-C1 column was developed to address this weakness, utilizing ligand stabilizing techniques we developed in other columns such as the Scherzo or Intrada series. This proprietary process has resulted in the most stable C1 column on the market for use in acidic conditions.
  • World’s first C1 column designed for stability in acidic conditions
  • Ideal for highly hydrophobic compounds that retain too strongly on C18s
  • Allows uniform access to surface silanols for enhanced polar selectivity
  • Alternative selectivity from traditional C18 columns
  • Balanced mixture of polar and non-polar retention mechanisms
  • Lower molecular recognition may give single peaks for branched chain isomers
  • Column TypeReverse Phase
  • Particle Size3 µ
  • Pore Size13 nm
  • Length10-500mm
  • Internal Diameter1.0-10.0mm