Presto FF-C18

World's first ultra-high efficiency 2µ non-porous column.

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This is the world’s first 2µ non-porous column. This extremely efficient material works very well for separation of large molecules like polymers, surfactants, protein and even DNA. It has a wide effective analysis range from 5kDa to 50 MDa. Since it does not have any pores,there is essentially no band broadening due to mass transfer effect and no size limit for the compounds that it can retain. We believe so strongly in the value of non-porous columns that we intend to develop an entire line of non-porous columns in the future.
  • The only 2µ Non-Porous ODS column on the market
  • Very high efficiency column
  • No band broadening due to reduced mass transfer effect
  • Monodispersed particle bed reduces eddy diffusion effect
  • Can analyze a wide range of compounds from peptides to large polymers
  • 20 kDa to 30 MDa
  • Ideal column for protein and large polymer separations
  • Column TypeReverse Phase
  • Particle Size2 µ
  • Pore SizeNA nm
  • Length10-250mm
  • Internal Diameter0.075-10.0mm