Intrada WP-RP

Fully optimized HPLC solution for all your protein separation needs.

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The Intrada series of columns are designed primarily for biologics. With a growing trend toward the use of peptides and proteins in pharmaceutical and other therapeutics, the Intrada family of columns is designed to address the chromatographic needs of these researchers. Whether you are looking to separate proteins, peptides or amino acids, the Intrada Series of columns has a solution for you.
  • Optimized C4-like stationary phase for the separation of proteins (<300 kDa)
  • Wide pore (300Å) reverse phase column designed specifically for protein analysis
  • Polymeric end-capping and high efficiency 3µ particle size are ideal for polymers and proteins
  • Unique packing reduces carryover
  • Improved protein recovery for polymeric separation
  • Highly hydrophobic polymer elution made possible by optimal surface polarity
  • Column TypeReverse Phase
  • Particle Size3 µ
  • Pore Size30 nm
  • Length30-500mm
  • Internal Diameter0.075-10.0mm