Intrada SEC

World’s first LC-MS compatible silica based SEC column.

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Intrada SEC is a silica-based SEC column that utilizes a substituted diol stationary phase to provide superior separation of analytes based on their molecular weights. By using a silica particle, Intrada SEC shows better performance and is more mechanically stable compared to polymer based SEC columns. The truly innovative character of this material is that it is compatible with volatile salts making it ideal for use with LC-MS. Therefore, the combination of Intrada SEC with MS detection will take SEC analysis into a new frontier.
  • Silica-based SEC Column
  • High mechanical strength provides better resolution and longer life
  • Compatible with volatile salts
  • SEC-MS
  • GPC or GFC on one column
  • Column TypeSize Exclusion
  • Particle Size3 µ
  • Pore Size30 nm
  • Length250-250mm
  • Internal Diameter4.6-20.0mm