Intrada Organic Acid

Single column solution for all your organic acid analysis needs.

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Whether you are looking into the metabolomics of a disease through changes in TCA cycle carboxylic acids, or trying to analyze phosphoric or even sulfuric acids, attaining good chromatography for organic acids (OA), can be quite a challenge. This is true for several reasons. First, OAs are polar making them difficult to retain on traditional reversed phase columns without ion-pairing or derivatization, which further complicates analysis and data interpretation. Second, the presence of multiple pKa values can lead to variations in the charge states of your analytes, which may cause poor peak shapes including tailing, shouldering and even split peaks. Additionally, OAs are typically poor chromophores, making them difficult to analyze by UV-Vis detection, and CAD does not work well with gradient elutions. Recognizing these challenges, we developed them most complete solution for OA analysis, with a novel stationary phase called Intrada Organic Acid. This proprietary multi-mode column optimizes the use of multiple stationary phase structures specifically targeting OAs, delivering the most complete LC-MS-based solution on the market today.
  • First column designed to analyze nearly all OAs
  • Proprietary stationary phase designed specifically for OAs
  • TCA cycle, Sugar, Phosphoric, Sulfuric and complex Polycarboxylic Acids
  • No derivatization or ion pairing required
  • Metal-free column housing improves peak shape and sensitivity
  • General OA screen in under 10 minutes
  • Column TypeIon Exchange
    Mixed Mode
  • Particle Size3 µ
  • Pore Size12 nm
  • Length30-250mm
  • Internal Diameter2.0-2.0mm