Dacapo DX-C18

Highest pH stable silica-based particle column on the market. It’s complete surface coverage also improves peak shape by reducing unwanted secondary interactions.

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Dacapo DX-C18 is one of the most innovative columns that we have created. This 2.5µm particle is manufactured by Imtakt and uses our Dual-Matrix Technology, which is a monumental advancement in column design. Other columns boast surface treatments that extend pH stability, but there isn’t anything else out there like Dacapo. All of our columns use a polymeric end-capping, which is already a step above other so-called high pH columns, but with Dacapo, we have taken that concept to the extreme. In addition to our polymeric end-capping, Dual-Matrix Technology then adds several polymer layers on top of that, making this the best high pH C18 available today.
  • Our first column featuring Dual-Matrix Technology
  • Most complete surface coverage of any high pH column on the market
  • 2.5µm particle provides superior efficiency
  • Extreme polymer surface treatment provides a wide pH range from 1-12
  • UHPLC-compatible
  • Ideal for basic compounds
  • Column TypeReverse Phase
  • Particle Size2.5 µ
  • Pore Size13 nm
  • Length10-250mm
  • Internal Diameter1.0-4.6mm