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The Imtakt Story

Imtakt-Map1At Imtakt USA, we are passionate about HPLC column technology. We take great pride in advancing this critical scientific area and obsess over how to further empower our customers with improved separations.

Our HPLC columns have been designed and manufactured by Imtakt Corporation with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of industry experience. Our columns give chromatographers:
•High Resolution
•25-50% Lower Pressure
•Novel Chemistry
We offer a wide variety of unique stationary phases as shown in our product guide.

Imtakt Corporation of Japan was started almost 15 years ago by Mr. Itaru Yazawa and Mr. and Mrs. Noriuchi. Imtakt has become a leading HPLC column manufacturer. Imtakt Corporation partnered with Imtakt USA in 2003 in order to expand its reach in North America — together we offer the best HPLC column products along with world class HPLC technical support delivered locally.

Both Imtakt and Imtakt USA continue to see strong rapid growth and expansion, as each month more and more end-users become aware of Imtakt’s higher quality and novel phases. We now service tens of thousands of HPLC end users globally and look forward to helping you improve your separations.


At Imtakt, we are passionate about chromatography.
Every day, this passion drives us to deliver four brand promises to our customers:

1. We develop break-through technology.

Each of our phases requires years of exploration, tinkering, testing, and optimizing. Before any column is released, we draw on decades of experience, the power of creativity, and countless years of hard work. Because of this, each and every column we manufacture represents a significant step forward for separation science.

2. We maintain world-class manufacturing consistency.

Every column is made with a dedication to exacting consistency; each column must be the same column. Every time. This means that after a part number is released, our production methods do not change, and each column is quality-controlled with the strictest protocols to ensure your work is as accurate as physically possible.

3. We share our technology.

Our customers are doing incredibly important work to discover and administer leading medicinal and testing procedures. Therefore, we aim to spread new technology into our knowledgeable customers’ hands, so they in turn can leverage great separation science to improve the world.

4. We provide hands-on customer service.

Different customers have different needs, and it is our goal to deliver hands-on customer service to meet those needs. We enjoy working closely with our customers to resolve their unique problems with specialized solutions.

We believe that our success has been born from these four promises and from our passion for chromatography.

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Our HPLC columns have been designed and manufactured by Imtakt Corporation with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of industry experience. Our columns give chromatographers high resolution for unique problems.

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